Small Things (Reflections on Manny Pacquiao's Birthday)

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Small bed, small utensils, and small appliances: in a small room in a small street in a small city.

Living life in simplicity.

Why complicate things when you can’t manage large things as of the moment.

Big things come in a small package.

Just strolling around at KCC when I and my wife noticed a crowd in front of the mall convention center. It’s Manny Pacquiao’s birthday. Just bought a new battery for my digicam but unfortunately it isn’t charged yet so here I come with pictures only in my mind.

It was small thing at first, shopping for some needed things: groceries, souvenir shirts, clothes for my sister-in-law’s new baby. Suddenly bigger things or should I say big people come scurrying by: Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio (a humble lady by the way), Freddie Roach (in barong), Dyan Castillejo (nice tan), Dionisia Pacquiao (in an expensive pink dress), Buboy Fernandez (who never seems to notice that he’s a celebrity now), Jerry PeƱalosa (and his beautiful wife), Philip Salvador (suddenly I’m back into his Jaguar days), Lito Camo (you need a shave man!) and others I can’t seem to recognize from the crowd. Manny seems shy cause a guard came by and whispered an unsolicited announcement: “Manny passed by the private entrance”. Talk about security nowadays.

We can’t enter the convention center. You need to have an invitation to get in. So being just a small fan we got down to the basement foodcourt of the mall, bought lechon paksiw, went home, cooked lots of rice and celebrated Manny’s birthday in silence in our small room with a small bed as a dinner table, in a small street in a small city.

Funny thing how big Manny is to the whole world now. He used to be a small fellow here living a simple life probably in a small room in a small street. Only difference is he already got a big punch from the start.

This got me thinking… Should I have bought a pair of boxing gloves instead of new batteries?


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