A day with veggie farmers (entry from my field notes)

"I’m not an expert. I don’t know everything. But I'm a good listener."

4:30 am - The sun is just coming up. Gotta make this a productive day.

5:49 - Waiting for Sir Nelson at the cafeteria with Ms. Cheng.

6: Something - Travel time.

8: Something - Courtesy call with Ma’am Juliet and briefing with Sir Noy.

9: Something – Departure for the study area.

10: Something – Arrival. Met the farmers.

Later on: Focus Group Discussion and Pilot Testing of our Survey Instrument.

3: Something - Back to base.

Pre Analysis

Sir Noy has done a great job here.

Credit is also due to Tata.

Ms. Cheng, knows what a good documentation is.

Sir Nelson really knows the art (and heart) of development practice.

Me? I’ve transformed from an academician to a practitioner.

I’ve learned more in a few hours than what I have learned in years of coursework.

The trip was bumpy, nauseating, I slept all the time.

It doesn’t matter. I’m not what I used to be.

I’m much vivid, fuller, even better than before.

I’m not a psychologist, nor an economist.
I’m not a sociologist; I’m not even a teacher anymore (though I still am in spirit).

But I believe I’m a little bit of all these. Not the best. But I want this to be the best thing I have done.

I admire Juliet, Noy, Cheng, Elaine, Nelson…

...and Mang Nilo, the leader of the veggie farmers.

What you have in your pizza, fries, or your salad may come from their farm.

Here’s a tribute to all the good people I have gone with today.

And let’s not forget Don Osing, for the careful driving.

So long for now. Leave your comments please.

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