The road I travel most

I have travelled the Davao-Bukidnon Road maybe almost a hundred times.

I enjoyed the Overview experience.

Davao-Mati Road, well, more than a hundred times.

I always have enjoyed the Badas experience.

There are other roads I have admired for the breathtaking experience though I only get to experience them at least once.

But nothing beats the roads I am traveling now everyday, for a week now.

It’s a bit like Badas, with a touch of Overview, minus the pavement.

Think of Mati to Calapagan and Mati to San Ignacio or maybe the road to Himaya in Bukidnon (as told by my friends).

But what I enjoyed most are the experiences in each of the destinations.

I enjoyed every focus group I have assisted and facilitated.

I admired every farmer, resident, or lumad I have interviewed.

The poverty, anger, and cries for attention of these upland settlers are emotionally draining yet academically reinforcing.

All I need was a job, and I got more, a life!

Some would say that it’s the journey not the destination.

Well I can’t really confirm that.

I was asleep on most of the trip.


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